Criminal charges can happen to anyone. There are numerous ways to end up being accused of a crime, and choosing the right criminal defense  attorney in Columbus, Georgia is critical to fighting your case.

Columbus GA Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense lawyers at the Hardy Law Firm in Columbus, Georgia, represent individuals charged with felony, misdemeanor, and DUI offenses.  Our Columbus, GA criminal defense lawyers are zealous advocates committed to fighting for your freedom and constitutional rights.

At the Hardy Law Firm, there are no criminal defense cases too big or too small for our Columbus Georgia criminal defense lawyers. We handle all types of criminal defense cases from the smallest of misdemeanor violations to the most serious of felony charges. Our firm does not hesitate to take criminal defense cases to trial, unlike other lawyers who just want to plea your case out. Our Columbus GA criminal defense attorneys take seriously the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; as such, they exhaust every option available to keep it that way including presenting our clients’ cases to a jury. We investigate and defend every case fully by conducting private investigations, hiring experts, filing motions, and using whatever resource we can to try to secure you a dismissal, acquittal, or the best result possible.

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At the Hardy Law Firm, we work with many people who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault. Our personal injury lawyers will fight for you  when you have been harmed in an accident caused by the negligence of another person or company. Georgia personal injury law provides you with legal options for recovering your accident-related expenses and your pain and suffering. This may include emergency treatment, medical care, doctor and hospital bills, surgical expenses, special equipment and other claims. If someone you love was killed in such an accident, you can pursue wrongful death claims for your personal injury losses such as lost income, loss of companionship and more.

The Hardy Law Firm

Do not jeopardize your opportunity by discussing your case with other people. If you are injured in a vehicle accident, at work, play or anywhere on public or private grounds, be sure you only speak to your attorney about your injuries. At the Hardy Law Firm, we know how insurance companies work for their companies to keep payouts for injury accidents to a minimum. They are not on your side; Personal Injury Attorney Chance Hardy will step up on your behalf and fight hard to win fair compensation.

Columbus GA Personal Injury Attorney Chance Hardy

Attorney Chance Hardy is an aggressive legal fighter. He helps his clients win cases following accidents that have caused minor injuries to significant bodily harm, disability and death. Claims in this area of law practice include injuries resulting from the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Defamation/Libel/Slander

Columbus GA Personal Injury Attorney

Chance Hardy is a dedicated Columbus GA Personal Injury Attorney with a strong reputation of being an attorney who will  help his clients pursue and win their cases in Georgia courtrooms. He is skilled at reaching settlements in negotiations as well as trying your case to a jury to obtain the highest possible  verdict your case deserves. With Attorney Chance Hardy on your side, you can relax and have confidence your case is being handled by someone who cares about you and your goals. Getting you maximum compensation for your accident injuries is always the mission; Chance has the skills and knowledge you need for best results.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

People who need a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer who is actually a trial attorney  find what they need at the Hardy Law Firm in Columbus, GA. We are always ready to discuss your case and provide exceptional legal advice, counsel and representation to people from all over Georgia and the Middle Georgia areas.

No case is too small; none are too complex for our office.

Learn how Attorney Chance Hardy can help you find justice and gain fair compensation for your personal injury case. Call our office today, at (706) 225-2770 for a confidential consultation about your case.

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Family Law includes a wide range of issues that affect people who are in relationships and/or have children. The most familiar topics include Divorce and Child Custody, but there are many other areas of family life these laws impact. At the Hardy Law Firm, we are acutely aware of how many of these issues are emotionally charged, and bring about life-long changes for the family members, especially minor children. This is why you need an experienced Family Law Attorney on your side whenever you are trying to resolve disputes or settle matters that are ruled by Georgia Family Law.

The Hardy Law Firm

We provide complete Family Law services to people across Columbus, Georgia, from our offices located in Columbus, GA. The Hardy Law Firm works closely with our clients to resolve important relationship issues, and to help parents provide the best personal options that will benefit their minor children. We understand that many of these issues are emotional and some couples have trouble reaching agreements. We are skilled in mediation, negotiation and litigation; we want to help you move forward today.

Attorney Chance Hardy

Attorney Chance Hardy takes his work seriously. He helps clients decide which legal options are in their best interest and helps them understand the legal processes they are going through during a difficult time of life. He is dedicated to helping people live better and for protecting minor children in all possible situations.

Columbus GA Family Law Attorney

Our Columbus GA Family Law Attorney can help you work through all types of relationship issues, including pre-marital and post-divorce problems. Many times, agreements need modification to work better. We help people with many Family Law issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Legitimization
  • Adoptions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Prenuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

Georgia Family Law Lawyer

Chance Hardy is a Columbus GA divorce lawyer dedicated to getting you the best results in your divorce or child custody and child support issue. He is a Columbus Georgia Family Law Attorney with a mission to help people resolve complex family law issues. He works diligently on behalf of his clients to reach their goals, always making sure they understand the processes and laws that apply to their case.

Having someone on your side who truly cares counts when you need it most; contact the Hardy Law Firm any time you have questions or concerns about your divorce or family law matters. We can help with simple to complex issues, so you can again move forward and enjoy life, knowing you and your children have exceptional legal counsel.

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Many people don’t know that there are state and federal forfeiture laws that can deprive innocent people of their property without any due process. In the State of Georgia if you are suspected of a crime, police and government can try to take your property through asset forfeiture laws. The Hardy Law Firm, in Columbus, GA, is dedicated to helping many clients resolve asset forfeiture actions quickly, through civil litigation. When your case goes to court, you want to have the best possible Columbus Georgia Asset Forfeiture Lawyer on your side to get your property back.

The Hardy Law Firm

You may be able to get your property back after it has been seized through Georgia asset forfeiture laws. The Hardy Law Firm works closely with clients to decide which legal options will bring the best results. Our Columbus GA asset forfeiture lawyers can be very effective in getting your property back. Civil forfeiture in Georgia usually comes about in cases where there has been suspicion of drug sales or other drug transactions such as trafficking. Cases that do go to trial can become very lengthy and expensive, depending on the specific circumstances involved in the matter. At he Hardy Law Firm, we only collect fees from you in your asset forfeiture case if we succeed at getting your property back.

Attorney Chance Hardy

Pre-trial preparation and diligent presentation of facts is an important part of asset forfeiture law practiced by Attorney Chance Hardy. He understands what it takes to win cases and why that preparation is important for winning cases, in pre-trial meetings and in the courtroom setting. He has the experience as a trial lawyer that you need, no matter how small or complex your case becomes. Each client gets individual attention and is treated as uniquely important. Chance Hardy is a professional attorney you can trust and depend on for excellent legal representation.

Columbus GA Asset Forfeiture Attorney

When we work with clients, we offer many advantages, including a talented Asset Forfeiture lawyer who knows the ins and outs Georgia’s asset forfeiture laws. We work tirelessly to get your stuff back. The process of civil asset forfeiture happens when the police suspect that your property was involved in the commission of a crime or was the proceeds from crime, typically a drug crime. In cases like this, police can seize and sell your property, without having to prove that a crime actually was committed. A person can move to get property back, but many times the victims of civil asset forfeiture are afraid of drawing the attention of the police and do nothing. Contact us for best pre-warrant advice about what you should do.

A person who has had assets improperly seized must act quickly to get the property back. Georgia law requires that a person has thirty (30) days to respond when they’ve been given a receipt of notice that certain property is forfeited. If a person fails to respond, then the rights and interest in the property is forfeited to the State of Georgia. A person has 30 days or his property is gone forever. That’s why you need a dedicated Columbus GA asset forfeiture attorney on your side to help get your property back.

Columbus Georgia Asset Forfeiture Lawyer

Our Columbus Georgia Asset Forfeiture Lawyer puts forth top quality effort and attention to each phase of the asset forfeiture process. This includes stages of investigation, pleadings, discovery and pre-trial and trial work. The Hardy Law Firm can help you find justice when the government has tried taking your property through Georgia asset forfeiture laws.

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