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Criminal charges can happen to anyone. There are numerous ways to end up being accused of a crime, and choosing the right criminal defense  attorney in Columbus, Georgia is critical to fighting your case.

Columbus GA Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense lawyers at the Hardy Law Firm in Columbus, Georgia, represent individuals charged with felony, misdemeanor, and DUI offenses.  Our Columbus, GA criminal defense lawyers are zealous advocates committed to fighting for your freedom and constitutional rights.

At the Hardy Law Firm, there are no criminal defense cases too big or too small for our Columbus Georgia criminal defense lawyers. We handle all types of criminal defense cases from the smallest of misdemeanor violations to the most serious of felony charges. Our firm does not hesitate to take criminal defense cases to trial, unlike other lawyers who just want to plea your case out. Our Columbus GA criminal defense attorneys take seriously the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; as such, they exhaust every option available to keep it that way including presenting our clients’ cases to a jury. We investigate and defend every case fully by conducting private investigations, hiring experts, filing motions, and using whatever resource we can to try to secure you a dismissal, acquittal, or the best result possible.

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For those looking for a Georgia criminal defense lawyer and needing representation for their criminal case in Muscogee County, Harris County, Chattahoochee County or Talbot County, the Hardy Law Firm welcomes your calls to discuss your case. Call to schedule a free and confidential consultation over the phone or in the office. During the initial consultation we can discuss the facts of your case, potential defenses to the charges, and the attorney fees required for legal representation. Attorney Chance Hardy has handled multiple cases and has a firm grip on what’s required to present a good case, navigate the criminal justice system, and secure you a not guilty verdict.

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